Ten tips to keep your heart safe


    Ten tips to keep your heart safe
    Turn your lifestyle to keep your heart safe. Ten tips are described below to take care your heart.
     Say “No” to smoking:
    It’s the single best thing for the regular smoker. You should give up smoking to maintain your heart health.
    One of the major causes of coronary heart disease is smoking. The risk of heart attack will fall to about half after a year of smoking that of a smoker.
    Get dynamic:
    The people, who are always active, have the low risk of developing heart diseases. Staying active boost your mood and reduce your stress.
    You can boost your energy by walking forty minutes for every five days in a week. Another way to keep you fit is to doing thirty minutes physical work daily which will produce sweating in the body. Someone may prefer cycling for thirty minutes in every morning. It will help to supply more Oxygen in the blood and will keep smooth the blood circulation in the body. 
    Control your weight:
    The risk of heart disease will increase terribly when you will overweight. To control over weight you should stick to a healthy balanced diet. The food should be low in fat and sugar. A Huge amount of fruit and vegetables in diet will help you to take less fruit. These diets with regular physical activity will play a vital in reducing unexpected weight. Calculate your body weight regularly by BMI calculator. 
    Consume more fiber:
    Consume profuse fiber to keep your heart secured from heart disease. You are aimed to take at least 30g fiber a day. Consume fiber from a range of sources, such as bran, oats, and whole meal bread. Wholegrain cereals, potatoes with their skins on are also a great source of fiber. Fruits and vegetable provide fiber.
    Incise saturated fat from your diet:
    If you take a lot of food rich in saturated fat can raise the level of cholesterol in your blood. the increased level of cholesterol will increase the risk of heart disease. Consume leaner cuts of meat and lower fat dairy products. Suppose you can take 1% fat milk over full-fat milk.
    Find five for a day:
    Consume minimum five portions of a range of fruit and vegetables a day. You will get plenty of fiber,vitamin and minerals in those foods. You can make these diet tasty by adding chopped fruits to cereal or adding tasty sauces and curries with your vegetables.
    Avoid salt:
    Using salt at the table should be avoided to maintain healthy blood pressure. Moreover adding less salt in your cooking should be practiced. When you habituated to the taste of food without adding salt, you will completely cut it out.
     Check for the high salt level in ready-made foods. We eat most of the salt in the food we purchased. Watch out the food levels. When a food contains more than 1.5g salt per 100 kg, it will consider as high salted food. In a day an adult person should eat less that 6g of salt. It is about one teaspoon per day.
    Consume fish:
    Consume fish minimum twice a week. It is better to adding a portion of oily fish. Mackerel, sardines, fresh Tuna and salmon fishes are a great source of omega-3 fatty acid. This omega-3 fatty acid can help to protect your heart from heart diseases.
    But More than two portions of oily fish should not have in the diet of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
     Taking less alcohol:
    Alcohol contains calories. Taking alcohol regularly in uncontrolled amount can produce a noticeable bad effect on your heart. So you should try keeping the level of daily alcohol taking under recommended limit. It will help to reduce the risk of a major problem with your health, mainly the risk of heart disease. 
    Watch the food level:
    It is wise to look at the level of food and drink packaging to watch a number of calories, fat, salt, sugar in the products. It will help you to understand what is in food and how it fit with other diets. It will help you to healthier choices for your diet.
    Writer: Dr.Suchayan Chowdhury


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